We are Verschuuren Poultrycare

Verschuuren Poultrycare was founded in 1978 by Pieter Verschuuren. The first Debeaker, the VPZ-V, has been developed to improve the welfare and growth of the chicken. Over the years, the VPZ-V has been improved and optimized into a product that sets the benchmark in the field of beak treatment.

Beak treatment
At Verschuuren Poultrycare we have, meanwhile, developed two devices for treating beaks: The VPZ-V and the VPC-S. Depending on the age at which you treat your poultry, one of the two devices will be more suitable for you. The products include specific product information.

Do you have any questions about the differences between the two or do you want to be advised about making the correct decision? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Through a personalized approach and on-site training under the direction of Pieter Verschuuren himself, we ensure the best quality and use of the Debeakers.

Proper beak treatment prevents cannibalism in poultry.